Company Profile

 In today’s data-driven world, ISS Global’s goal is to ensure the right people get the right information at the right time. The objective of the Dfuze system of systems approach is to provide a comprehensive, customer driven product solution in their area of operation, supported by a technical advisory service, bespoke data transmission, storage and manipulation capabilities.  Today, Dfuze supports major organisations primary backbone IT systems or may be used independently providing bespoke software tools/capabilities to make operations run smoother. In the future we see Dfuze technology operating in new commercial areas.

ISS Global was created to serve the needs of the international intelligence analysis, counter-IED, EOD, law enforcement, and command and control communities. ISS Global are comprised of a team of industry veterans with decades of real-world experience. This subject matter expertise combined with world class software development allow us to deliver products and solutions that drive a commitment we share with our customers – making the world a safer place.

Our products are currently being utilised by Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Military and Government agencies in over 40 countries worldwide, and we have extensive experience together with the necessary skills required to work for Government engagements.

We pride ourselves on creating easy to use, powerful software – giving the end user the necessary tools to get the information they want, as well as the ability to share data where needed.

ISS Global aims to offer its products and solutions to a wider range of customers to meet the demand and requirements of projects outside of the expectation of our Dfuze software. We have a wide range of different solutions fit for purpose for all types of bespoke work.