Company Profile

Intelligent Voice Ltd specialises in speech technologies for defence, security and law enforcement use cases.

A privately owned UK company, Intelligent Voice’s UK Government supported, pat pending technologies are enabled by GPU technology, providing the fastest and most secure speech recognition solutions available commercially. 

From their core capability of speech, word and phrase detection, their content and behavioural analysis capabilities - developed for real world human speech - provide real time Actionable Intelligence.

Intelligent Voice currently process tens of millions of hours a year of speech in multi languages with use cases including:

  • Proactive monitoring of voice, IM and email to provide alerts against suspicious behaviour within that organisation or environment– commercial, criminal, correctional or security
  • Call steering: 16 times improvement over previous model
  • Live voice biometric identification and revalidation in controlled environments
  • e-Discovery and e-Disclosure across investigative audio material – making audio files searchable by word, phrase or speaker (voice biometric)
  • Automatic surfacing and/or redaction of predefined terms - names, numbers, locations
  • Identification of fraudulent behaviour through emotional analysis

Intelligent Voice Ltd continue to receive support from HMG’s commercial Research and Innovation arm Innovate UK and have a longstanding record of success in delivering intelligence, security and defence-applicable projects. Examples include:

  • GPU Accelerated Speech Recognition: world’s first GPU-accelerated automatic speech recognition (ASR) deployable on secure private cloud or / and on-prem.
  • Emotion Recognition from Speech
  • Enhanced Video Conferencing – Combining Automatic Speech Recognition, Augmented Reality & NLP
  • Mitigating Risk and Enhancing Efficiency through the Application of Voice and Emotional AI
  • Conversational Artificial Intelligence – Unique Realtime Voice Analytics Technology Providing Highly Accurate Behavioural Determination
  • Secure Voice Conversations.  Cannot be intercepted or interfered with by a cloud provider or any third party in the transmission chain – end user only.  Adapts techniques originally applied to genomics.