Company Profile

Harquebus comprises ex-military and civilian intelligence officers with experience in counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency and counter-intelligence operations overseas and in the UK up to government level. We also have commercial experience with a number of large multi-nationals. Harquebus is able fuse this experience to deliver pragmatic and cost-effective solutions for both government and corporate structures. We have extensive and current knowledge of UK and US training practices and have a track record of successful delivery to governments and intelligence agencies worldwide.

Protect your reputation and value.
Harquebus helps its clients to understand and mitigate their risks. To reduce risk and develop competitive advantage, our staff can assist in implementing tailored intelligence and security measures to influence and control our clients’ operating environments.

The most up-to-date, commercially available instructors.
Harquebus’s specialist personnel have proven skill sets and a record of successful delivery of effective training in civilian and military settings. All personnel are former instructors of the Defence School of Intelligence, Chicksands, or the US Defense Intelligence Agency and hold, or have held, DV/TS SCI clearances.
Harquebus recognises that acquiring publicly funded training from specialist government organisations can prove difficult due to capacity and time constraints. In such circumstances, our clients turn to Harquebus confident in our ability to meet their timelines and specific training needs.
We have supplied training solutions to European military and civilian intelligence services and have experience of successful training across the Middle East and Africa.

The right people to deliver your capability.
As intelligence and security subject-matter experts (SMEs), Harquebus’s staff can assist in developing intelligence or security-related programmes and projects. In addition, as training SMEs, our staff can employ systematic methods to ensure your training delivers the capability you are seeking.