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Hanwha Phasor Ltd

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Hanwha Phasor is  THE ORIGINAL DISRUPTORS IN ULTRA-LOW PROFILE, VERY HIGH PERFORMANCE ANTENNAS for satellite communications on the move – in flight, on land, at sea.

Marking a radical departure from traditional parabolic reflectors, our high-performance, solid-state flat-panel technology will occupy a powerful position in the evolving satcom terminal ecosystem, particularly where high performance and reliability counts in the world of low-Earth orbit connectivity.

We have re-engineered AESAs (active electronically-steered arrays) to provide mobile satcom in a single 7 cm (2¾ inch) deep package – radome, antenna and the entire RF chain included – at a fraction of the cost of existing AESAs.

And yet, our enterprise-grade technology will connect to any orbit in space from almost any environment on Earth – with no compromise on performance. It includes the agile multi-beam capability needed to enable seamless make-before-break service from the new low- to medium-Earth-orbiting satellites.

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