Company Profile

Based in Hereford, UK, GRC Ltd specialises in communication products and solutions, including the provision of: command and control, satellite, tracking, computing and intelligence systems. Established in 1996 as a communications consultancy, GRC has evolved exponentially in size and expertise, whilst becoming a reputable, trustworthy and ambitious company with longevity. Among GRC’s strongest credentials is the ability to create and develop bespoke solutions for customer driven requirements in a timely manner. GRC’s in-house technical knowledge is a highly regarded asset that has enabled it to establish both a firm professional relationship with the UK MoD and a commendable commercial reputation. Keeping its customers as a primary focus, GRC strives to design, develop and deliver real solutions for real requirements. This reactive and innovative approach keeps GRC ahead of competitors and guarantees that customers have exactly the right tools to provide safety and improve efficiency when they need it most.