Company Profile

G4S Risk Consulting is focused on providing secure solutions to clients in complex or volatile environments. We provide national governments, multinational corporations, and international peace and security agencies with the tools and support to identify and mitigate operational risk.

Our global consulting capability offers support and integrated solutions for a range of clients operating in complex or sensitive environments. We are able to deliver services in most countries and territories in the world. We draw on a combination of our core team based in the UK, our proven local partners, and subsidiaries such as Hill & Associates in Asia and the Middle East. Our Risk Consulting portfolio includes: Global Intelligence Systems, Risk Consulting and Management Projects and Specialist Training.

The Risk Mitigation arm of the business specialises in providing effective security to organisations, their staff and assets wherever they are in the world, particularly in complex and unfamiliar environments. This includes a strong presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan, with other operations in Somalia, South Sudan and Cote d’Ivoire. Our Risk Mitigation portfolio includes: Secure Solutions (Iraq), Secure Solutions (Afghanistan), Ordnance Management and International Maritime Solutions.

G4S Risk Consulting reports directly into G4S plc. Being part of a FTSE 100 business ensures that we have commercial stability, ethical governance and rigorous quality management processes. Our culture of sharing best practice, expertise and lessons learned benefits not only ourselves but our clients and partners.