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FlareBright is a UK OEM of micro-drones with specialist expertise in our software, control systems and electronics.  

We have created fully autonomous flight-control software, on a machine-learning foundation, and have implemented this in small fixed-wing gliding drones.  Our software autonomously controls flight without utilising GPS or any electromagnetic communications.  We have four products that stem from the same software base:

1. Our key product, SnapShot, is an all-weather instant image capture drone used by defence, the emergency services and for industrial uses.  

2. A precision-guided delivery drone

3. A fail-safe emergency landing guidance system when GPS and other communication links fail. 

4. Machine learning & digital twin systems and expertise specialising in flight control, navigation and real-time systems.

FlareBright’s mission is to become a leading supplier and innovator of autonomous flight systems. Using SnapShot as our proving technology, we will build robust tech, engineering and manufacturing know-how that creates products and services to supply the world’s growing aerospace autonomy sector.

FlareBright is actively looking for collaborators to develop their technology further and apply for joint grant funding proposals.

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