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Specialists in measuring B2B Relationships.

  • How engaged and committed are your EMPLOYEES?
  • How well do you understand and meet the changing needs of your CUSTOMERS? How seriously do you take your Corporate Reputation.
  • How well have you engaged SUPPLIERS to collaborate, identify new value and to drive competitiveness within your supply chain?

Whichever part of aerospace, defence or security you operate in, however large or small, collaborative relationships enhance performance and add value. Yet effective collaboration between parties can only exist and be sustained through trust, openness and honesty. 

Finger on the Pulse Research specialise in developing client specific ongoing performance tracking and measurement programmes that help you acquire and develop a stronger understanding of what drives successful working relationships within your business. We help you measure collaboration between business partners and employees inside and outside your organisation:

  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
  • B2B Customer Research

  • Supplier and Supply Chainoptimisation

We work with leadership teams in Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Procurement & Supply Chain, to measure “soft” attributes that underpin stakeholder relationships: people; resource; process; communication; cooperation and alignment 

As an independent and objective third party, we enable employees, suppliers and customers to rate your performance without compromising important commercial or personal relationships, and vice versa.

Our diagnostic research is cost-effective or cost-neutral, and uncovers strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to build trust, closer alignment and greater collaboration with your employees and business partners.

You can then leverage this to transform the effectiveness and performance of your organisation.  

Contact us to find out how we can help you;

Neal Middle: 07714 251928