Company Profile

FAUN TRACKWAY manufactures portable roadways and temporary runway systems for the defence industry, and has been doing so for over 40 years. Relied upon by over 30 armed forces worldwide, our products can be deployed in minutes, using the minimal manpower. The roadways range includes medium (MLC 30) and heavy (MLC 70) portable roadways with rapid deployment and recovery systems, effective in extremes of terrain.The aviation range boasts capability in Airfield Damage Repair, modular Aircraft Landing Mats, Helicopter Landing Mats and UAV Landing Mats versatile and deployed with ease. Following an enemy attack or natural disaster, Rapid Runway Repair enables land and air operations to resume quickly, and prevent damage to assets. With a proven track record for use in the harshest environments by the world's most demanding customers, TRACKWAY is in a class of its own.