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FAUN Trackway Limited has been the global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of expeditionary recoverable matting for over 70 years.

Boasting a product range so unique and versatile, our aluminium portable roadway, over the shore and aviation solutions are relied upon daily by military engineers in over 40 countries.

Designed for multi-climate operations, our renowned temporary roadways and marine access routes comprise of M150 and M30H Trackway®, preventing vehicle damage and protecting environments. 

With our innovative, in-house engineers creating world leading solutions for Airfield Damage Repair, UAV and Aircraft Landing Mats and Helicopter Landing Pads, we have a proven track record for use in the harshest environments by the world’s most demanding customers.

Bryn Cefni Industrial Estate
Isle of Anglesey
LL77 7XA
+44 (0) 1248 722 777

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