Company Profile

UK based designer and manufactures multi rotor UAV (RPAS / drones) with long reach surveillance capabilities, high wind and heavy rain flight resistance. Evolve Dynamics designs and assembles its aircraft in Surrey providing bespoke and turn-key platforms for rapid response, emergency services, defence and special operations. The solutions line up consists of a rapid deployment long endurance (1-hour flight time) UAV with 30X zoom visible light and high-resolution IR/thermal cameras, secure live real time multiple video and telemetry streaming over the internet or satellite and a tethered cable reeling add on. The UAV has various payload and sensing add ons. Aircraft has a low audio profile and allows detection of weapon carrying personnel at up to 1km distance (horizontal or vertical). The tether reel unit allows the aircraft to remain in flight for up to 24 hours and cable can be dropped in flight for another 30 minutes flight. The video streaming workflow allows real time viewing of the 2 aircraft cameras and telemetry/maps in parallel anywhere in the world.