Company Profile

Environmental Defence Systems (EDS) manufacture the BlastSax® and Av Sax® product range. EDS's defence activities include supply of the revolutionary Blastsax®. Blastsax® which is a lightweight flat absorbent pad which can be hydrated in the field to create a blast and fragmentation protection barrier. BlastSax® have been proven to be effective against small terrorists explosive devices. BlastSax® are now in service with the British MOD, British Police Force and a number of US Police Forces as well as various international EOD Departments.

EDS also manufacture and supply the AvSax® for used on-board aircraft to mitigate any lithuim ion batteries that may go into thermal runaway. Passengers now carry hundreds of electronic devices on board aircraft from phone, laptop, tablets, cameras, e-readers all powered by rechargebale Lithium -ion batteries. Recent estimate stated the average small plane carrying 100 passengers could have as many as 300 lithium batteries on board.