Company Profile

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) supply mission critical surveillance data links and RF inhibition systems in support of major event security around the world. ECS is a proven and trusted British supplier to the UK MOD, the Police and Security Services and to over 40 other contries' specialist military and government users.

An award winning company, ECS designs all products in-house and excels in providing the full spectrum of training and support needed to give a customer a complete national, sovereign capability. All ECS products are ITAR free.

The AUDS counter-UAS system was developed by a consortium of UK derence companies to address the growing threat from malicious and errant unmanned aircraft systems.

Utilising robust battle proven technology from Enterprise Control Systems, Chess Dynamics and Blighter Surveillance Systems, this fully integrated mission-deployed TRL-9 rated system, can detect, track and defeat a drone in approximately 15 seconds at a range of up to 10km (6 miles).

It uses the 'ECS', smart RF inhibitor to selectively interfere with the C2 channels on the UAV allowing the system to DISRUPT the UAV's mission. The smart RF inhibitor uses directional antennas to achieve maximum range of operation with minimum collateral effect.

ECS designs and produces a range of programmable jammers (RF Inhibitors) to counter the threat from RCIED's. ECS has many jammers in use on current operations with multiple nations today. ECS understands the mission critical, complex integration necessary between equipment performance, training, tactics, techniques and threat assessment needed to achieve optimum user capability in demanding and dynamic situations. 

ECS designs and produces specialist COFDM data links optimised for use in the high level military and internal security domains. Advanced engineering techniques deliver full motion video and IP data over ranges of greater than 120 miles from rotary, fixed wing, or other air assets. ECS data links are fully secured (encrypted), optimised for long range performance; are designed to be robust in the complex RF environments of major event security and give the user the ability to exercise the full sovereign control necessary.