Company Profile

Effective Space is pioneering last-mile logistics in space. It deploys and operates a fleet of small SPACE DRONE™ spacecraft that will deliver, position, maintain, monitor and guarantee space assets in orbit and beyond.

Its 'Phase One’ rollout is based on an existing solid business case: life-extension services to operators of satellites in geosynchronous-earth-orbit (GEO). Services include station-keeping and attitude-control, relocation, orbit and inclination correction, deorbiting and 'bringing into use’ (BIU).

The SPACE DRONE™ spacecraft (400kg, 1x1x1.25m) is compatible with rideshare launch, it functions as an external ‘jetpack’ and performs station-keeping and attitude-control. It safely and accurately performs rendezvous and docking to the host satellite with a patent-pending nonintrusive docking system. Its electric propulsion allows up to 15 years of service.

The platform is well capable of supporting evolving low-earth-orbit (LEO) and medium-earth-orbit (MEO) constellations, as well as active-debris-removal (ADR) missions. Long-term services will also support asteroid-mining, Lunar and Mars exploration and space manufacturing logistics.