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EPC-UK EDSL draws upon over 100 years of experience in the manufacture, handling, storage and transportation of explosives and is a world class supplier of explosives and related products offering tailor-made turnkey solutions to the market place.

 As a European Distribution Warehouse for the supply of explosives and related products, EDSL is the sole UK Agent for Combined Systems Inc., and teams with a number of internationally renowned companies such as, Eurenco Bofors AB, Eurenco SNPE, Explosia a.s. and Event Horizon, for the distribution of their products. At EDSL, we work with customers developing innovative products to meet end user requirements.

Part of the EPC Groupe with an international presence throughout Europe, West Africa and the Middle East, EDSL supply security related products and services worldwide, using our own dedicated logistics company – EPC Logistics. This range of integrated capabilities also benefit from our remote 1200 acre site close to the international ports of Felixstowe and Harwich as well as regular sailings from our very own licensed explosives dock (and bonded warehouse) to the European mainland.

EDSL has a wealth of experience in the assembly, testing and integration of weapon systems. Our technical explosives expertise in the military and the civil sectors enable us to provide comprehensive disposal and demilitarisation services.  We have extensive explosives and weapons storage facilities, process buildings, trials and demilitarisation grounds and are able to provide a full range of training facilities, including Explosive Methods of Entry, Search Techniques and Procedures, Counter IED training facility and demolition range, enabling customers to benefit from a realistic and more rewarding training experience.

EPC-UK EDSL professionalism is epitomised in our high-quality and experienced staff who take immense pride in their commitment to our customers. EPC-UK EDSL is uniquely placed on the world stage to provide single-source solutions that meet the needs of our customer today, tomorrow and into the future.

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