Company Profile

Download Learning Limited is revolutionising learning.

Download is a digital learning methodology that applies the neuroscience of how the brain forms long term memory in order to improve both the effectiveness and the efficiency of learning.

We make some bold claims about the efficacy of Download, because the claims we make are all backed up by independent, peer reviewed research.

Download is proven to improve training times by up to 96% which equates to a 96% reduction in the operational cost of training.

Download can improve learning acquisition by 23% and knowledge application by 19%.

And, as Download embeds information directly into the long-term memory, knowledge retention is an order of magnitude better than current learning methods, all of which address the short-term working memory.

Download is a simple product, taking the form of video training modules. The clever bit is the instructional design and the specific sequencing of the information within these modules that triggers the formation of long-term memory.

Our clients include the worlds largest technology company, leading universities and organisations in the public, defence and security sectors.