Company Profile

Copernicus Technology Ltd help their clients in Aerospace, Rail and Technology-driven sectors to successfully:

  • Decrease downtime
  • Increase dispatch rates
  • Safely reduce support costs

Every year billions of dollars are wasted in unsuccessful repairs caused by intermittent faults in avionics, components and wiring.  Copernicus Technology Ltd finds these 'undetectable' faults with the market-leading and award-winning range of intermittent fault detection and integrity testing technology: the Ncompass-Voyager and the IFDIS.  

Products & Services:

  • Ncompass-Voyager and IFDIS equipment and test services
  • 'Forensic' testing and investigations of LRUs, components and No Fault Found
  • Data Exploitation of maintenance data to detect and quantify 'rogue' LRUs and causes of downtime

We also provide specialist training & consultancy in Maritime Patrol Aircraft operations & support.

If you have avionics or wiring faults or No Fault Found problems that no-one can solve then contact Copernicus Technology Ltd now and find out how we can help you.