Company Profile

Conjay has 2 Elements: Munitions and Security Detection Systems. Firstly, we are the foremost supplier of Armour Piercing and Ballistic Testing Ammunition in Europe. We keep core stock of the popular cartridges for testing Body Armour, Helmets, Glass Composites, Metals, CIT, Banks, Government Buildings, Bunkers, Armoured Vehicles and Helicopters. We have great expertise in sourcing and supplying both East Bloc, NATO and other Infantry Munitions from around the world, of both current and obsolete natures. We also supply Training products such as Cartridge Boards, De-Activated Weapons and blank ammunition.
Secondly, Security Detection Systems range from Expray and Expen Explosives Test Kits, to NV, Thermal Imaging & Advanced Aiming Systems and finally Drug and Forensics Testing.
Conjay holds both RFD and Section 5 Licenses. We have achieved ISO9001.2008 Certification, NCAGE and DEFCON status.