Company Profile

Cogent Technologies Ltd is a designer, manufacturer and integrator of microwave, satellite and Cellular transmission systems. Established in 2010 Cogent has now supplied equipment worldwide and has established an enviable reputation in its chosen field.

Microwave Systems include use the latest technology COFDM DVB T2 technology which has been used for a range of HD data links with long range transmission, and highly portable and transportable ground receive stations. These can be used independantly or integrated with Cogent satellite systems and point to point data links to create secure live video networks.

Using the latest technology for bonding of multiple cellular channels Cogent has a range of systems to carry HD video over 3G and 4G cellular netorks. This includes body-worn uplink systems, vehicle mount and also covert and concealed systems allowing secure networks to be formed. Low cost surveillance networks and video files can be exchanged in a Moving Video Platform (MVP) allowing control and management of city-wide communication infrastructure.