Company Profile

Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance (CTCS) has been at the forefront of innovation for over 50 years, developing leading edge surveillance and communication technologies that secure, share and communicate situational awareness in challenging environments, from urban surroundings to the digital battlefield It provides specialist communications, security and surveillance products together with integrated systems and solutions to 18 armed forces, over 750 agencies in the US and more than 140 agencies globally. Markets served include counter-terrorism and intelligence, law enforcement and public safety, critical asset protection and military platform communications. Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance also offers broadcast transmitter and receiver solutions for electronic news gathering, portable field monitoring and video-assist applications. Cobham's award-winning technologies include Command and Control Software, Audio Surveillance, Video Surveillance, IP Mesh Solutions, Wireless Broadcast Solutions, Cameras and Sensors, Tagging, Tracking, Locate and Intercept, Tactical Communications and Integrated Surveillance Solutions as well as 24/7 Client Services.