Company Profile

Cobham Mission Equipment is the world market leader for Air-to-Air Refuelling systems, providing fifth generation solutions to defence customers around the world. Aerial refuelling capability spans the integration of avionics equipment into tanker aircraft cockpits, through to the refuelling probes in receiver aircraft. To date, more than 2,000 systems have been delivered for buddy-buddy refuelling and for tactical and strategic tanking for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, with UAV development well advanced.For fighter aircraft including fast jets, rotorcraft and UAVs, a comprehensive range of weapons carriage and release equipment is available. Products include both air to air and air to ground systems employing both pneumatic and pyrotechnic ejection systems.Cobham Mission Equipment is also among Europes foremost producers of remote controlled robots for homeland security and military applications. The range encompasses Explosive Ordnance Disposal robots, completely equipped bomb disposal vehicles, equipment, non-magnetic special tools and manipulators for servicing, maintaining and dismantling nuclear facilities.