Company Profile

Chorus Intelligence is a UK headquartered specialist provider of data-analytics solutions to global law enforcement, central government, defence agencies and corporates. Our leading-edge technology, “Chorus”, is rapidly becoming the de facto analytical solution automatically cleansing & analysing complex datasets; including call data records, handset downloads computer forensics, financial transactions, ANPR, Wi-Fi, covert intelligence, cell tower dumps, and GPRS data providing analytical tools to answer key investigation questions immediately.

Chorus does 3 things and it does them brilliantly:

  1. Data Cleansing

Chorus can cleanse up to 10 million rows of data quickly and efficiently. It can save 97% of an analyst’s time in the cleansing and formatting stage

  1. Connection Detection

Chorus can uncover the links within and between cases using heat maps, geo maps, network diagrams and timelines.

  1. Courtroom Ready Reports

Reports can be generated in minutes that can be used and relied upon in court due to a full and robust audit trail.

Chorus is already used by 90% of police forces and all of the counter terrorism units in the UK as well as various major investigation teams and organised crime units.

Chorus has assisted in securing convictions in many high-profile cases by delivering analytical capability including visualisation, case management, geo-spatial analysis, automated reporting and cross case analysis.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our clients have to say:

“Chorus has given us a real advantage in our fight against crime” – Intelligence Analyst – UK Police Force

“The ability to cross reference data with existing cases in other regions is invaluable” – Senior Investigator - SOCU


"Without Chorus, it would have been impossible to get through the volume of data involved" – Major Incident Analyst – UK Police