Company Profile

Chess Dynamics Ltd is a small, medium sized UK company that provides EO solutions within the defence and security sectors. It marries mechanical and electro-optical engineering with video management software to provide users with discrete self-contained systems. It designs and builds extremely accurate director heads and its own daylight cameras. Unlike many other competitors, it also incorporates its own software house, so is able to offer complete bespoke EO surveillance packages. In the UK, we believe this is extremely rare, if not unique.

In terms of the UK Market, Chess Dynamics Ltd is well positioned in the land and maritime sectors as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier (depending on programme). We form an integral part of a number of OEMs’ supply chains both in the UK and abroad.

In terms of the global and national market place, Chess Dynamics Ltd has a reputation for robust and reliable systems and products. As such, we believe the company is well positioned and recognised both at home and abroad as a ‘go to’ solution provider.