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Based in Bedfordshire, and established in 1979, CEEMA has extensive experience in Electronic / Mechanical Design and Engineering providing fully integrated Electronic and Mechanical solutions for our clients ranging from idea generation to concept design, detailing, testing and manufacture.

Having assisted clients with individual elements of their projects and complete turnkey projects, CEEMA has a track record for delivering flexible, dependable and innovative solutions, including: 

·       Working Model Prototyping

·       System Design and Ruggedisation

·       CAD Design Support Services

·       PSU Design, Build and Qualification

·       Design and Build Special Test Rigs for Client’s Products

·       Design and Build Cables and Cable Harnesses

·       Build, Test and Commission Client’s Designs

Every application is different, and the solution is only as good as the team that designs, develops, tests and builds it. Here at CEEMA, we use our 40+ years’ of experience gained in the Defence, Areospace and Technology Sectors to create unique solutions where our in-house knowledge is utilised on highly complex design and build needs.

Our highly trained team can design and build your ideas in line with your bespoke requirements, analysing key challenges to decide on the best approach.

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