Company Profile

CCP Gransden are flexible and dynamic AS9100 Accredited SME specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced composites.  Based in Belfast Northern Ireland, CCP offer our clients performance improvements by the intelligent use of advanced composites and our world class manufacturing capabilities.

To meet the individual needs of our clients, CCP Gransden has invested in the creation of a unique and world class automated, flexible manufacturing cell to produce high quality aerospace grade advanced composites in a fast and repeatable manner.  Our cell is centred around an 1100T Engel press that has a work area of 1.8x1.3m .

Our manufacturing capabilities currently include (but are not limited to); - 

•          Thermoforming of large continuous-fibre reinforced thermoplastics

•          Composite Overmoulding utilising advanced thermoplastic polymers

•          High Pressure RTM including variations such as GAP RTM and WET RTM

•          Compression Moulding

•          Prepreg Curing

•          RTM

•          Filament Winding

•          Wet Lamination

We have over 10 processes available in-house for manufacturing advanced composites from both Thermosets and Thermoplastics (including continuous fibre reinforced PEEK, PPS and PEI), thereby giving us increased flexibility to meet the challenging needs of our clients.  We can facilitate supply in low, medium and high volumes (thanks to our ability to manufacture composites in as little as 1 minute using our state of the art automated manufacturing processes and lean manufacturing approach).