Company Profile

CBRNE Ltd focuses on defence and security related issues addressing human behaviour, human factors, risk management and ethical issues. To support the “soft issues” mentioned above CBRNE Ltd has subject matter expertise on matters relating to CBRNE with operational experience in the field from both a defence and security perspective. Our work domain includes: Human Behaviour, Human Factors, Ethical Research Protocols, Ethics guidelines, Cultural Guidelines, Aide Mémoire/Best Practice Brochures, Legal and Governance Issues, CEN Standards and Procedures, Resilience/Vulnerability Assessment (Matrices), the organising of validation and demonstration exercises, war gaming and analysis and mitigation of human error. CBRNE Ltd is an SME that has grown organically as opportunities arise, expanding its activities beyond the traditional security sector to address more civil orientated projects with emphasis on European Union Framework Programme 7 and Horizon 2020 research and development activities.

Examples include Project IMCOSEC (security of ISO Containers along the supply chain), Project D-BOX (Humanitarian De-Mining), Project SUBCOP (Person Born Improvised Explosive Devices [PBIED]), Projects PRACTICE and EDEN (both ref CBRNE activities linked with civilians), Project MAGNETO (Multimedia Analysis and correlation engine for organised crime prevention and investigation), Project ENTRAP (Enhanced Neutralisation of explosive Threats Reaching Across the Plot).