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Bruker Daltonics is unique in its ability to offer the complete range of chemical, biological and nuclear detection systems worldwide, under just one brand. For over 25 years it has proven its expertise in the development, engineering and manufacturing of high-performance, military-hardened, reliable and easy-to-use detection equipment.

Bruker CBRN equipment is in service with army, navy and civil defence forces worldwide. The ISO9001 certified product line supports all possible uses for the detection of various threats, and includes hand-held point detectors as well as detection systems for reconnaissance vehicles, shipboard or stationary use.

Bruker’s latest products are µRAID™ and DE-tector™. µRAID is a new personal CWA/TIC detector, small enough to be worn on uniform, but flexible enough to be used as a hand held device for surveys. DE-tector is a new trace drugs and explosives detector designed for use in airports as well as for Police and Prison applications.

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