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BCP Limited are a precision engineering company specialising in all aspects of castings, including CNC machining, CNC Tool Making, assembly and associated processes. 

Building on our core principle of exceeding the expectation of our customers, while remaining at the forefront of casting innovation has fuelled  the organic growth at BCP over the last fifty six years.

Our accrued knowledge and understanding of the complex science, metallurgical & chemical interactions, thermal & fluid dynamics, stresses & strains involved in producing high integrity castings has helped our world class customers, whom we are privileged to serve remain at the forefront of their respective spheres.

Our inception as pattern makers, founders and machinists gives us the intricate layers of experience to deliver imaginative world class solutions.

We have the technical expertise and resource to support your company from earlier concept to final assembly. Whether your requirements are basic castings or complex gear box assemblies, we offer a one stop shop service for all castings requirements within our modern 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

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