Company Profile

BN Security & Defence provide protected & ruggedised bespoke mobile solutions with specialist functionality, technical excellence, longevity, reliability and operability. Cutting-edge communications and data management fused with secure vehicles enable government, military, police and emergency organisations to operate effectively in the contemporary digital security & defence environment.

Our vehicles provide enhanced decision support by managing & integrating live data. 4K broadcast-quality imagery provides enhanced surveillance and intelligence gathering capabilities, with leading-edge software applications ensuring rapid information fusion. Our systems feature smart bandwidth optimisation, ensuring critical information transmission with Social Media monitoring options. Tailored communications solutions maintain operational integrity in protected vehicles, preserving automotive mobility and survivability. Operating from inner-city sites to rural environments and withstanding extreme weather conditions under riot conditions, hostile territories and rough terrains.

With a host of technical and operational benefits, BN Security & Defence deliver the functionality your application requires, built to the highest of standards.