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The borwell team operates from modern offices in Malvern, Worcestershire in the UK. An award-winning software house based in Malvern, Worcestershire, UK, the borwell teams create software for you, which is secure by design. Experienced software engineers work in partnership with your team. A dedicated project team create database driven, secure software apps to directly support your business processes.

Our staff range from the very creative to diligent analytical people.  The main goal of the teams is to automate your processes and workflows , normally moving your systems and team from paper and spreadsheets to a ‘secure portal’ or ‘secure web app’.  The software solutions that the teams design and develop for you, improves your product or service delivery.  Your software solution will also help your management team and key staff focus on ‘value-added tasks’ – rather than processing low-grade data and labour intensive business activities.


Industry market sectors

Several industry sectors have benefitted from secure software applications from the borwell team including:

 Aerospace – supply chain traceability and collaboration, systems integration

 Defence – systems integration, GIS, big data, visualisation for UK MoD and NATO

 Cyber Security – penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, cyber resilience managed services, Cyber SOC, Security refresher training

 Space – supply chain traceability and collaboration, systems integration, GIS, visualisation

 Advanced Manufacturing – supply chain traceability and collaboration, systems integration

 Engineering – supply chain traceability and collaboration, systems integration

 Transport & Logistics – business portals to manage and track vehicle movements

 Agritech – food traceability data and  systems integration with ERP systems


Big Data

Handling big data sets is pointless unless the data is processed, reduced, fused and then analysed.  Millions and billions of entities, mainly in structured form, can be managed in our scalable well designed databases.  Connecting together and fusing your numerous data sources, in multiple data formats using open standards, is one of borwell’s specialist areas.



Software solutions are built for you as desktop or web apps.  These show 2D, 3D and 4D (timeline replay) views of your data.  Your end users are provided with ‘actionable information’, supporting their decision making processes.



As an experienced Systems Integrator, the borwell teams help maximise value from your Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products and legacy systems.  The team produce ’glue ware’ apps, extracting key data from each system.



Improving your Supply Chain Collaboration is enabled by providing your suppliers and/or clients access to key data, reports and views via a ‘secure web portal’.  Using the latest web technologies and web standards means that your solution is ‘mobile friendly by default’.  There is no need for separate costly ‘apps’ to be developed. 


Business Process Modelling

Business Process Modelling is a business transformation technique. This provides fast growing businesses and public sector organisations with the ability to better organise their business and IT systems.

Large enterprises can make huge savings and improve efficiency by having bottlenecks identified. The ideal organisation for the Business Process Modelling service is one that needs to roll out consistent processes. Another consideration is a focus on product quality or on quality of service delivery, where Business Process Modelling output helps improve the bottom line for businesses, or efficiency for public sector organisations.


Quality Software

Quality matters, Quality wins

We manage the design process of software, and develop quality software solutions. Using the latest best practices, good requirements principles, and most importantly, engage regularly with the customer with progress reviews, demonstrations, meetings and ask for feedback at all stages.

ISO 9001: 2008

borwell is fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008. The Company’s Quality Policy is understood and followed at all levels and by all employees, ensuring that borwell clients receive quality software, products and services every time they buy.

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