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Blueshift International Materials (UK) Ltd

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Blueshift believes in a sustainable future. We provide energy efficient AeroZero Thermal Protection Systems, AZ-TPS. AZ-TPS are installed in aerospace and defence systems when temperature or space restrictions exist that impede the use of legacy insulators. AZ-TPS protect lower temperature components such as PEEK, Ultem, carbon fiber/epoxy composites, and metals and improves the overall system performance in extreme environments by protecting critical components and improving their energy efficiency.

AZ-TPS are lighter weight, easier to install, and provide better insulation than legacy systems. AZ-TPS are manufactured in roll-to-roll format, and can be provided cut-to shape, including 3-D shapes, and installed on the parts.

Our talented team of materials experts has been growing steadily since the company’s inception in 2013. By leveraging our polymer aerogel technology platform, we are empowering product designers with unique, high performance solutions that promote energy efficiency. We package the world’s leading combination of thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity, RF transparency and thinness of profile in easy-to-use product offerings.

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