Company Profile

Antares TDC designs, manufactures, supplies and supports auxiliary electrical power, control and data systems on-board vehicles and in off-grid installations. We represent leading global supply partners in advanced switch-mode engineering, CANbus Multiplex, power generation, inverters, chargers, batteries, power switching and fuel cells: around which our Military COTS based systems are designed and built. We provide a cost effective, quick to develop and proven alternative to fully bespoke solutions using these professional platforms and by adding our engineering expertise in EMC, climatic, harsh environment, project management and support logistics. This approach is adaptable and flexible. It is particularly suitable for UORs, smaller specialist projects or defence and security related solutions aimed at the commercial sector. Antares TDC is set up as a tier supply chain partner with SC21 Bronze award status enabling our defence and security clients to flow down project requirements further into their supply chain.