Company Profile

ALDSU Consultancy Limited (ACL) is a macro Small Medium Enterprise (SME) focusing on the delivery of consulting services and tailored learning solutions to develop and enhance military operational readiness. Combining creative training opportunities with Live Virtual and Constructive (LVC) simulation capabilities ALDSU offers realistic, flexible and cost effective training opportunities to learn and develop.  Services include:

a. Delivery of Virtual & Constructive Simulations, Simulation Integration & Development;

b. Virtual Exercise Training, Management & Support (HICON, LOCON, War Gaming, Mentorship);

c. OPFOR Expertise and Exercise Design Support;

d. JISR/ISR & Intelligence Exercise Design & Support:

e. Simulation Terrain Database Generation & Management;

f. Simulation Terrain Development (on-site) Training using Terra Tools;

g. Exercise Scenario, Incident Generation & MEL/MIL Scripting.

Established in 2015 in the UK, ALDSU has a global perspective. Through the knowledge, global reach and capability of its collaborative associations, coupled with core technical and programme management expertise, ALDSU is able to identify and deliver the right solution for every unique requirement.