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Aerospace Design Limited (ADL) is providing systems engineering services for high integrity complex systems and systems safety engineering within the Defence, Aerospace, Rail and Automotive sectors.

Our in-house expertise & associates have world class competency in the following engineering disciplines:

  • Systems Engineering & Integration – covering full lifecycle (CADMID) product / platform development.
  • Functional Safety Engineering, Systems Safety Engineering (incl. Hardware/ Software, Physical, Operational, Occupational & Common Cause Annalysis), and Safety Management.
  • Dependability Engineering.
  • Space Launch Systems Assurance.
  • Ordnance Munitions & Explosives (OME) Qualification, Missile and Weapons Systems Certification.
  • Independent Safety Audit, Assessment and Advise (ISA3).
  • Organisational Engineering Process/ Culture Implementation.

We are also developing disruptive technology concept solutions for various markets, please see our website for more detail.

If you are a business that needs help in any of the above engineering services or want to collaborate with us on any of our technology development programmes than please get in touch. Thank you.

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Milton Keynes

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Director – Engineering Integrity
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