Company Profile

The Abbey Grey Group (AGG) is a leading specialist security Group. AGG offers a plethora of security services under a one stop turnkey solution service. AGG excells in the development of international businesses in the more operationally difficult areas of the world and aims to facilitate the identification and understanding of the risks specific to a client, its location and its operations. Mitigating the risks at the outset will protect the operations, ensure reputation and fulfill duty of care criteria, all of which will ultimately contribute to increasing profitability and operational success.


Headquartered in London with offices in Mexico, UAE and Tripoli, AGG and fully operational in most countries. AGG is able to report in most languages and has established, strong connections with international corporate organisations, Governments and various national security services. Our objective is to always seek and secure the most competitive of advantages for clients in all their dealings, no matter where in the world those advantages may be found. We specialise in providing worldwide security consultancy, training and equipment solutions.