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4c’s explosive and highly effective approach to problem solving is underpinned by our people – a close knit team of highly motivated, enthusiastic and talented engineers, industrial designers and model-makers. Together, we’ve created unique working facilities and a bank of experience that enable us to rapidly iterate and deliver award-winning product designs and engineering outcomes.

4c Design have been adding value to businesses, by helping them manage innovation risk. We have recognised that it is not enough to simply design new products, but to really consider how the business will support these products and thrive as a result. What makes us unique is our rich background in various industries which allows us to apply ‘lateral thinking’ approach to problems. This can either be in a consultancy role or leading an innovation strategy from within your organisation.

Unit 13, Rankine House, Port Dundas Business Park
G4 9XG
0141 353 5490

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