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Integration gap preventing UK Manufacturers from realising the full benefits of digital transformation

A guest blog written by Grant Millard, Director – Digital Lead for Aerospace and Defence, Vendigital 

Joint Vendigital and Cranfield University research study highlights an ‘integration gap’ when it comes to implementing digital transformation.

The study revealed that while 56% of UK manufacturers reported to have achieved digital transformation in certain business functions, there are very few that have achieved cross-functional integration of Industry 4.0 technologies.

While the benefits of a successful digital transformation programme were well known among the respondents, this lack of integration contributes to the fact that many are struggling to get their digital transformation programme past the ‘initial stage’. Some other barriers they are facing include securing the necessary funding, facing resistance to change within the business and a lack of digital skills.

Alec McCullie, our Partner and digital technology specialist, said:

“UK manufacturers are aware of the benefits that Industry 4.0 technologies can bring in terms of driving productivity and streamlining business processes. However, the distinct nature of the technologies and the complexities associated with their application, can make it difficult to get a clear view of the benefits they bring.

“Most investments in digitalisation are focused on function-based trials or experiments, which serve a purpose by demonstrating value on a specific project. However, it is not unusual for businesses to have several overlapping trials underway at once and this makes it difficult to visualise the benefits that a fully-integrated, cross-functional digital transformation programme could bring.”

Further Information

You can download our white paper ‘Digital Transformation: A smarter way back to growth’ here, which includes:

  • Details of the factors driving digital transformation, the key challenges businesses are facing and the benefits a successful digital transformation can bring
  • The stage of digital transformation that UK manufacturers have reached
  • Our digital transformation roadmap – which sets out the key steps that businesses should take to deliver effective digital transformation

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