Sustainable aerospace – Invitation from ATAG: An exploration of national aviation climate roadmaps

The decarbonisation of the air transport sector has gained renewed focus in the context of the recovery from Covid-19 and in the lead up to both the UNFCCC COP26 discussions in November and the ICAO Assembly in 2022.

Last year, Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) published the first edition of our Waypoint 2050 report, outlining the diverse pathways towards decarbonisation across our global industry. Several industry partnerships have undertaken a similar exercise at a national or regional level in Europe.

Invitation to attend an event hosted by ATAG

Delegates will have an opportunity to explore those different national and regional roadmaps in a dialogue session at 16:00-18:00 CEST on Wednesday 14 April 2021 (equivalent start time in other locations: 16:00 Paris / 15:00 London / 10:00 Montreal / 07:00 Seattle / 22:00 Singapore.  Please see to check your local time).

The purpose of this dialogue is to understand the approaches each of these initiatives took to develop their roadmaps, the stakeholders involved and the outcomes (positive and negative) from the process. It is designed as an industry-only session (no government or external parties) in order to facilitate an open exchange of knowledge. This may be particularly interesting for industry partners in any other regions or countries that are also looking to undertake their own roadmap exercise. The purpose is to understand the different political and regulatory environments and particularly the process which sat behind the roadmaps.

Draft agenda

  1. Introduction from ATAG
  2. Global overview: brief overview of the Waypoint 2050 global analysis
  3. National and regional roadmaps: brief exploration from each current roadmap
    • Norway: Fossil free by 2050
    • Sweden: Fossil free by 2045 (domestic 2030)
    • United Kingdom: Sustainable Aviation
    • Netherlands: Smart and sustainable
    • Denmark: 2030 milestones
    • Europe: Destination 2050
  1. Comparison between approaches and with the SBTi (science-based targets initiative)
  2. Open discussion and questions from industry on approaches, what went well, how it could be improved next time, government and other stakeholder responses, etc
  3. Any other business?

In order to sign up for the event and receive the Teams Meeting link to join the discussion, please email Anna Patient ( – you will receive the link in early April. Please be reassured – as mentioned above – this session is intended for industry colleagues only to ensure an open dialogue.

We hope this will provide an interesting and useful opportunity to learn from each other.

Sustainable Aerospace

If you are interested in the issues around sustainable aerospace, visit our hub for resources and information on the role of industry and Government support.

Please also contact: Karun Harrar –  ADS Aerospace Innovation Executive