We are delighted to be hosting a number of DIT Commercial Officers and UK based Desk Officers from the countries listed below.

DIT staff will provide several short regional and country briefings to ADS members which will be followed by Q&A and networking. 

The briefings will commence at 09:00 with networking from 11:30: 

  • Ben Wilson, DIT NATO (Brussels)
  • James Cooper, DIT Brussels, Belgium
  • Sussanah Fairbairn, DIT Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Justyna Kubica, DIT Warsaw, Poland
  • Marzena Markiewicz, DIT Warsaw, Poland
  • Malgorzata Olton, DIT Warsaw, Poland
  • Veronika Stepankova, DIT Prague, Czech Republic
  • Martha Rasheeva, DIT Sofia, Bulgaria
  • James Buchanan, DIT Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Andrej Stefanec, DIT Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Timea Ocskai, DIT Stockholm, Sweden
  • Ieva Binkauskaité, Head of Trade Team, DIT Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Tanel Korvel, Head of Trade Team, DIT Tallinn, Estonia
  • Rolands Kumpins, Senior Trade Advisor, DIT Riga, Latvia
  • Latha Arun, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland
  • Brian Hicken, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States
  • Natasha Bent, Turkey, France, Russia, Uktraine, Pakistan and UN
  • Sajjid Balolia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Morocco
  • Leanne Coe-Coxon, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Norway (NATO)
  • Rebecca Batty (tbc), Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands