Ran Meriaz

American Data Solutions

President & CEO

Ran, a 30-year aerospace logistics, aircraft maintenance, and software industry veteran. Managing large scale Technical Orders (TO) programs with the IAF, Boeing, U.S Air Force (USAF) and several market-leading corporations, dealing with major TO sets of the USAF, Army, Navy and commercial aviation. At the same time, Ran is extensively involved in innovative software development.

Ran, a graduate of the Israeli Air Force Academy is a serial entrepreneur and embodies “Silicon Valley in Georgia”; his most notable highlights include:

  • First business exit – sold to Microsoft an extremely innovative Business Intelligence software technology.
  • Co-founder and President of MB Technologies, Inc., a software company, specializing in advanced enterprise web software solutions.
  • A technical briefing at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base in 2003 led to a discussion over the U.S. Air Force’s future vision for software, which resulted in MB Technologies’ development of “Bindows,” a  software development platform for an enterprise web software, featuring unequalled speed and being extremely secure, and now used at 91 of the Fortune-100 corporations and several secure applications for the U.S, government.
  • In 2011 Ran founded American Data Solutions (ADS), a software company focused on serving the military and the aerospace industry with paradigm-changing software solutions. ADS is compromised of ex-military and technical maintenance experts in addition to publication Subject Matter Experts, coupled with superior software developers. ADS, with the deep understanding of Air Force logistics and maintenance needs, provide the Maintenance Digital Data Viewer (MDDV) IETM, widely considered as the best in the market, the Game-Change IETM, and being the Hub-of-Logistics. ADS will display and present MDDV during the London event – come and see the unbelievable performance and capabilities.

In addition to C-Suite acumen, Ran has extensive expertise in aircraft maintenance and fleet management. He is an expert at solving the Integrated Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) issues. Military services have struggled with these issues for 15-20 years. The U.S. government spends enormous sums on solutions that are slow, end-user friendly, expensive, and ineffective resulting in increased costs.

Ran is passionate about sharing the best practices that he has learned to help the USAF keep on the cutting edge of technology. Ran holds several US patents in both technology and communication.

Technology patents issued to Ran Meriaz:

  • US 9,961,195 B2
  • US 9813898
  • US 9,730,053
  • US 9,596,566
  • US 20100208877
  • US 8,243,724
  • US 8,837,696
  • US 8,964,731
  • Several more on the way

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