Naveh Greenberg

Data Conversion Laboratory

Director, Defense Development

Naveh Greenberg is a Director, US Defense Development for Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc, and a PMI-Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with expertise in large-scale complex conversions utilizing numerous DTD/Standards. He specializes in conversions for DCL’s Defense and Tech Doc business units, and has been Instrumental in developing DCL’s DITA, 2361/40051, S1000D, and 38784 conversion software suites, as well as working with clients to develop detailed project business rules. Naveh is a member of the United States S1000D Management & Implementation Group (USSMG) Land Working Group, and participates in other discussion subgroups. He has been with DCL for over 19 years, and holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Stony Brook University.

Day 3 - Wednesday 16 October


S1000D Track

Automated Auditing of S1000D Aircraft Manuals: A Case Study

Naveh Greenberg