Leif Gyllstroem

Saab AB

Senior Advisor ILS Information Management

Leif Gyllström is a specialist in Product Data and Integrated Logistics Support standards at Saab. He has over 30 years of experience in information management in different industry sectors, such as Nuclear Power Plants and Military Platforms.

Leif is one of the original authors of ISO 10303-239 PLCS, Product Life Cycle Support, and was the editor of the PLCS generic Data Exchange Specification (DEX) for Task Information.

Leif has been part of the development of S3000L since its beginning, and is the responsible author of the Data Model and Data Exchange chapters.

Leif is chairman of the ASD/AIA Data Model and Data Exchange Working Group (DMEWG) which coordinates the data modeling and data exchange development activities throughout all ASD/AIA S-Series ILS Specifications.

Leif was also the chairman of the S1000D Maintenance Task Data Task Team responsible for the development of the Interchange Specification S1003X which currently is being converted into S1000X.

Leif has also been involved in the development of S2000M issue 6 and 6.1 supporting its data modeling and data exchange development activities.

Leif is currently involved in the development of S6000T and its Data Model and XML schemas.

Day 1 - Monday, 14 October

15:15 onwards

ILS Tutorials

15:45 - An introduction to the Data Model and Exchange Working Group (DMEWG)

Leif Gyllstroem


Day 4 - Thursday, 17 October


S-Series Content Development

S-Series Specifications Technical Foundations

Leif Gyllstroem, Stefano Tedeschi