Guy Dabell

Babcock International

Head of Submarine Platform Engineering – Marine Submarines Chief Engineer Submarines

With 34 years in the Royal Navy Guy Dabell served on 5 operational submarines and also spent 5 years in Barrow-in-Furness as a commissioning engineer.  Shoreside, he spent time as a Design Authority, was the Submarine Programme Manager managing all support and maintenance activities and was the Fleet Marine Engineering Officer for all submarines with oversight of operating standards, engineering performance and engineering training.  Away from pure engineering, Guy completed 4 years on programme management in the MoD and has been an Enterprise Architect and CIO in specifying and procuring large scale logistic and support systems.  He finished his time in the Royal Navy as the Chief Engineer for PWR3  – the latest nuclear reactor for future submarines.

Leaving the Navy 4 years ago, Guy Dabell joined Babcock International as the Head of Submarine Platform Engineering.  He manages 2 teams amounting to some 400 staff.  250 of these staff underpin current submarine support with IKM, config control, maintenance planning, tech document management and new equipment integration.  The other 150 staff are designing and implementing future ILS and support baselines for future submarines.

Day 4 - Thursday, 17 October


Customer Experiences with the Specifications

Fit for the Future Support using the ILS Specification Framework and a roadmap towards Digital Twinning

Guy Dabell