Daniela Raycheva

Canada DOD

Technical Data Management Modernization/S1000D

Daniela Raycheva is a senior policy analyst at the Department of National Defence (DND) Canada, Materiel Group. Daniela leads the Technical Data Management Modernization initiative that includes the application of the S1000D specification at the enterprise level for land, navy and air force defence equipment. Previously, Daniela was responsible for the System Engineering domain and led the implementation of holistic approaches for the realization of defence systems. Prior to that, Daniela managed the acquisition project for the Leopard 2-based Armoured Engineer Vehicle. Before joining DND, Daniela was the technical lead for various projects within the civil and defence markets.

Day 3 - Wednesday 16 October


S1000D Policy Suite Development in the Department of National Defence Canada

Daniela Raycheva