Andrew Hartley

Sir Joseph Isherwood Limited

Joint Managing Director

1983 – 1990 – Marine Engineering Technician, Royal Navy
1990 – 2014 – Marine Engineering Officer, Royal Navy
2014 to date – ILS Engineer, Sir Joseph Isherwood Limited
Since 2015 – Joint Managing Director, Sir Joseph Isherwood Limited


  • Definition of pre-acceptance into service support requirements for warship procurement project (UK MOD)
  • Maritime requirements input to Tri-Service Engineering & Asset Management capability procurement (UK MOD)
  • Delivery of computerised ILS packages, including Logistic Support Analysis, to UK DEF-STAN 00-600 and MIL-STD 1388 to UK MOD and other Naval and maritime customers
  • ILS support and advice to ILS Tender preperation

Day 2 - Tuesday 15 October


S1000D Track

SNS for Major Shipbuilding Projects

Peter Kuhn, Andrew Hartley