Andreas Kirchhofer

T-Systems International GmbH

Head of Integrated Life Cycle Management

Dipl.-Inf (FH) Andreas Kirchhofer, Master of Science in Information Systems
Senior Chapter Lead Integrated Life Cycle Management, Principal Consultant, Sales & Aftersales
2001 – Today     T-Systems International GmbH
  • Senior Chapter Lead Integrated Life Cycle Management
  • Principal consultant and project manager in diverse civil and military product support projects (integrated logistic support/ASD)
  • Principal consultant and trainer ATA/ASD/AIA S1000D
  • Principal Consultant and Trainer ASD/AIA S2000M and ILS Standards
1999 – 2001      iWare Technologies
  • Chair of NIAG Industrial Interface Group (NIIG) to AC/327 Life Cycle Management Group
  • Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Member of S1000D Business Rules Working Group (BRWG)

Day 2 - Tuesday 15 October


S1000D Integration Track

Efficient preperation of the In-Service support for the Frigate Class 125 by the use of ASD/AIA specifications (with friendly approval of German Armed Forces, BAAINBw S3.2, F125)

Andreas Kirchhofer