Customer Experiences with the Specifications – US Example

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Paul Haslam

O'NEIL & ASSOCIATES, INC. Chairman ILS Council and Chairman of the S1000D Production and Publishing Working Group - Principal S1000D & S-Series ILS Specifications Expert, Chairman ILS Council

Paul has been involved with the production and maintenance of S1000D since 1998 and is currently the Aerospace Industries of America (AIA) industry representative, fulfilling...

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Dawn Meyer

The Boeing Company - Senior Manager Global Support and Service, ILS Planning & Management

Ms. Meyer is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient execution of integrated logistics support and services across Boeing’s domestic and international Fighter platforms. With...

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William Shook

The Boeing Company - Associate Technical Fellow

Mr. Shook is an Associate Technical Fellow with the Boeing Company and is currently serving as the Data and System Integration Lead and PLM focal...

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