Keep your S1000D documentation up-to-date by reusing maintenance task and material data from external engineering systems

One of the biggest challenges in technical documentation projects is the synchronization of data sources from the Supply Support & Provisioning (S2000M) and Maintenance-Planning & -Management (S3000L) IPS-disciplines with technical documentation (S1000D). Those IPS-disciplines provides important source-data for an automatic documentation process.  The integration of the results from external engineering systems enables a high potential of savings and increased cost effectiveness for the preparation of Technical Publications.
This presentation shows how maintenance task information and material related data can be reused for the generation and synchronization of Procedure and IPD data modules.

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Andreas Pinter

HICO - Head of Customer Solutions & System Integration

Mr. Pinter started his career 2006 together with his studies for computer science at the Technical University of Vienna. Initially, he has been involved as...

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