French MOD digital continuity guidance project

This project aims to define and produce the digital continuity guidance for maintenance in operational condition of the French defence’s aeronautical equipments. This guidance document inventories and specifies all the possible data exchanges and information flows, regarding all in-service support activities, between the French MOD and its external partners. Those exchanges of data flows are based on ASD S-series specifications (S1000D, S2000M, S3000L & S5000F). This generic guidance will provide a baseline for each DMAé contract manager to write its own specific guidance according to its contractual requirements.

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Jean-Baptiste Dartaguiette

Connectiv IT - Consultant Fonctionnel

Currently, Jean-Baptiste Dartaguiette works as a functional junior consultant since October 2018 at Connectiv-it, a company specialized in the digitalisation and control of digital flows...

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Etienne Bousquet

Connectiv IT - Chef de projet - Consultant fonctionnel

Currently, Etienne Bousquet works as a project manager and functional senior consultant since July 20O8 at Connectiv-it, a company specialized in the digitalisation and control...

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