Ensuring LSAR to Tech Doc is a Love-Love Relationship!

Why would a Technical Publications Manager ever have a hate for someone/something that is going to hand them the core of their technical content, especially when it has had engineering sign-off?  When the two don’t talk to each other and the old LSAR system content is made up of the equivalent of a “tweet” of information, you end up with all sorts of problems.
Move forward to 2019, the technical documentation team’s software is S1000D compliant and the LSAR system is compliant with SAE/GEIA-STD-0007, DEF AUST 5692, DEF STAN 00 60, MIL-STD-1388-2B as well as consistent with S3000L requirements.
Join Melissa Pennline and Frank Hallam as they share their real-world experiences of working on the technical documentation vs LSAR sides of the fence, and how those “fences” can be broken down to ensure the most up to date information is being used in the field.

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Melissa Pennline

OneStrand Inc - Vice President Global Sales & Marketing

Melissa Pennline utilizes her 21 years’ of operational and technical knowledge to bring dedication, passion and innovative solutions to global organizations as OneStrand’s VP of...

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Frank Hallam

Pennant Canada Limited - Solution Manager - OmegaPS Suite

Frank has been with Pennant for nineteen years. He is the Solution Manager for OmegaPS and OmegaPS Analyzer. He is also the SAP lead at...

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